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Budgetary institution The Core Center of State Telecommunications is administrator of the Secure Network (SN), that is isolated from the Internet and provides the secure national-wide communication services for public institutions in Lithuania, also provides communications via SN and TESTA with the National Networks of EU Member States, EU Institutions and EU Agencies. TESTA is the European Community's own private network, also isolated from the Internet and allows officials from different Ministries and administrations to communicate at a trans-European level in a safe and prompt way.


The SN is delivering this type of services:

  • Secure encrypted data communication between Governmental institutions of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Connection to the IDADBC program networks for Interchange of Data between administrations in EU;
  • Secure communication with non-administrative organizations and citizens;
  • Electronic mail relay for closed user groups;
  • Secure hosting of workstations and information data bases;
  • Delivery of classified information to authorized users in Lithuania and in EU.


SN and VIKT networks (VIKT - is old State Institutions Computer Network, developed in 1994-1998 in country) currently are covering all Lithuania and has interconnected about 100 public institutions including the Seimas (Parliament), President office, Prime Minister office, ministries, departments, counties and local communities, state tax inspectorate offices etc. The Core Center of State Telecommunications SN is national network (national domain) for IDABC programme of European Union (EU). The Core Center of State Telecommunications supports EuroGate operations in Vilnius for IDABC TESTA network - trans European network that interconnects EU administrations and member states administrations.


Administrations are collaborating in Lithuania through SN, also in EU through IDABC programme Projects of Common Interests -PCIs (sectoral projects) and Horizontal Measures - HMs (horizontal systematic projects ). The Core Center of State Telecommunications is security service provider and IP (internet) telephony service provider with technologies TCP/IP, FR, MPLS, ADSL, ISDN, VPN, FW, WWW etc.


In the 2004 - the year of Lithuania's accession to EU - the Ministry of Interior (DUBLINET, EURODAC systems), Ministry of Economy (SIGL), Ministry of Finance (SFC) and the Ministry of Agriculture (SFC) was interconnected via SN and TESTA to the PCIs of IDA. In 2005 a new governmental projects of IDABC programme started in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (TACHONET), in the Ministry of Interior (PROCIV-NET), also local projects LINESIS, VBAMS etc. was implemented via SN in Lithuania.


According Decision of EC 2004/387/EC of 21 April 2004 on Interoperable delivery of pan-European e-Government services to public administrations, businesses and citizens - IDABC (2005-2009) is a follow-up programme to IDA. Infostruktura will deploy IDABC services in Lithuania, also will upgrade security and operational capacity of SN. The KVTC-CERT for SN services will be established, the possibilities for transmission of classified information will be enhanced.